Production Planner & Scheduler

Traditional ERP solutions support only unconstrained production planning. Our Production Planner and Scheduler supports planning under all capacity, material, and time constraints to deliver a feasible plan.

Advanced algorithms: The module uses constraint programming and meta-heuristics instead of commonly used plain heuristics, thus delivering much more efficient planning.

Adaptive Planning: Coupled with the visibility solution based on IIoT, the module can sense any unforeseen abrupt changes in on-ground situations such machine breakdown, failure to pass quality check, new urgent orders, new  order priorities, and then re-plan quickly.  This keeps the plans always executable.

Multi parameter modelling: Diverse constraints including set up time, change over time, preceding activities, succeeding activities, multi activity resources, and multi-level BoM can be modeled with every minute detail.

pexels-photo-97046 - Features at a glance
Features at a glance
  1. Advanced algorithms based on Constraint Programming and Meta-heuristics
  2. Adaptive planning to revise plans in case of any new developments and ensure feasibility every time
  3. Multiple Alternate BoM and alternate routing
  4. Remodeling of various parameters like setup, changeover, teardown, quality check, order priority, and material lead time

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