Collaborative Demand Planner

The worst nightmare for a business enterprise is to face a stock out situation when the demand is high. We have your back with our Demand Planner module.

Demand Planner forecasts demand using modeling techniques like Time Series, Causal, and Composite Modeling with advanced algorithms.

Statistical Forecast: Historical patterns are used by the Demand Planner to trace seasonality, trends, and cyclicality. The module comes with an inbuilt algorithm that accounts for any sporadic and intermittent demand, which is useful for FMCG enterprises.

Collaborative Planning: Enrich the statistical forecast by incorporating market related or strategic

inputs from various stakeholders such as sales, category, planning. After all, statistical forecast is only an incomplete guideline number without these inputs. Our Demand Planner offers ease of use and access, real-time visibility, and traceability to do this seamlessly and with minimum effort.

New product launches: If your business is planning to introduce a new product, Demand Planner offers New Product Introduction (NPI) functionality that can accurately forecast sales without any historical trend availability.

Promotion planning: Predict the impact of upcoming promotions using our promotion planning functionality in the demand planner.

Social media sentiment analysis: You can now know how well your product has been received at large by the end user with the Demand Planner’s social media sentiment analysis covering platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

pexels-photo-97046 - Features at a glance
Features at a glance
  1. Collaborative demand planning
  2. Statistical forecasting (causal and time-series)
  3. In-built algorithm for sporadic and intermittent demand
  4. NPI modeling using Alike and Graphical methods
  5. Promotions planning
  6. Integrated sentiment analysis for social media
  7. Spreadsheet functionality for easy usage

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