Supplier Collaboration

Companies still rely on age old emails and phone calls to track their critical material which leads to lot of escalations because of critical material shortages. This is a completely avoidable situation with our Supplier collaboration tool

Multi agency access:  Apart from the actual supplier, there will be multiple stakeholders like carrying and forwarding agents, shipping companies and last mile logistics companies who will be actually involved in moving and delivering imported goods. All these players work need to work in sync to ensure that the material is received as planned. Any miss will result in stock-outs which will trigger its own set of costly fire fighting measures. Our Supplier collaboration solution brings all stakeholders together mitigate this risk.

Proactive Shortage Alert : The Supplier collaboration solution tracks all procurement material and checks the ETA at each stage. It proactively flags off products that might go short because of a deviation in the lead time. Planners can therefore take corrective actions much before the shortage becomes critical.




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  1. Multi agency access

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