Container Load Optimizer

Packing density of the container or trucks on FTLs finally determines the overall transportation costs.

Maximize the utilization of your containers and trucks using Saddle Point’s Container Load Optimizer module through 3D modeling and sequencing considering various constraints like truck type, SKU dimensions and type, storage space, and order type.

Scenario Planning: Businesses can do various what-if analyses with different constraints as per evolving situations.

Intelligent Packing: Both volumetric and weight-based packing can be done depending on the dimensions and weight of SKUs. In case there are constraints like some SKUs have to be placed only at the top or the front side, the scenario can be modeled to present the most optimal packing of the container.

Reduce Operating Costs: With the Container Load Optimizer, there is no trial and error when it comes to packing. Using genetic algorithms, it always gives feasible and optimal packing solutions that can be executed without any time delay or rework, thereby reducing operating costs significantly.

pexels-photo-97046 - Features at a glance
Features at a glance
  1. Various types of trucks can be considered including open and closed trucks, dimensions, maximum capacity
  2. User-based KPI dashboard displays details like demand satisfaction, volumetric, and weight utilization of trucks
  3. 3D graphical representation of truck loading
  4. Aggregation of various orders in order to enhance truck utilization
  5. Scenario planning feature for what-if analysis

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