About Us

About Saddle Point

Saddle Point derives it’s name from the common point of two surfaces of a Saddle. This common point is minimum of one curve and maximum of the other.

Our supply chain planners face the same challenges on a daily basis. How can they minimize inventory cost and maximize fill rates? How to minimize transportation costs but maximize OTIF? How changeovers can be minimized to maximize throughput? How can the Forecasting accuracy be improved to reduce total supply chain costs.

We understand these challenges. Saddle Point Suite is one of the first integrated end-to-end cloud platform that solves supply chain planning and optimization challenges with ease and efficiency. Our advanced OR algorithms coupled with Adaptive Planning capabilities lends a competitive edge to the business and ensures reduction of up to 25% in supply chain costs.

Give your business the competitive edge

Analytics & Insights

Get the power of statistical forecasts and demand planning analytics to take your business to the next level

Experience our inimitable differentiator

Adaptive Planning function

Our Adaptive Planning capability using IIoT sensing helps companies keep plans relevant always

Implement solutions quickly, efficiently

Intuitive user interface

Our SCM Suite offers an intuitively designed web based spreadsheet UI, allowing for quick solution adoption

Leverage the power of technology

Future ready technology

Deploy smart solutions based on OR techniques and IIoT technology to stay one step ahead

Gain from our outcome-based approach

Skin-in-the-game approach

Saddle Point’s unique and customized approach is what makes its SCM Suite a winner in today’s markets

Realize high deliverability at low cost

SaaS-based offering

Saddle Point‘s Integrated Supply Chain Planning Suite offers high cost effectiveness while maintaining delivery quality

We take pride in helping our customers take their business’ supply chain to the next level and join the ranks of top fortune 500 companies with our cloud-based integrated supply planning suite.

Meet the team

What makes a great product best-in-class is a team of pedigreed consultants and industry professionals. The experienced domestic and international teams at Saddle Point Technologies value responsiveness, top-notch delivery, and accountability.

Our global presence

Saddle Point Technologies has a global presence to serve your business needs. With four delivery and sales locations in India, and offices in UK, Canada, and UAE, we are well positioned to help your business be future ready, wherever you are.