Dispatch Planner

Saddle Point’s Dispatch Planner optimizes the dispatches based on downstream distribution network considering constraints like demand, vehicle availability and capacity, material availability, transportation time and costs, and warehouse capacity.

The Dispatch Planner is the oil that lubricates your entire distribution operations.

Channel-specific dispatches: If your data granularity enables monitoring channel-specific stock and demand, the Dispatch Planner module can generate channel-specific dispatch plans. This can be

helpful if there is a proliferation of channels or if client SLAs are different.

Demand sensing: The module intelligently irons out short term demand fluctuations by continuously monitoring real-time dealer/depot demand, to ensure right dispatches.

Cost minimization: Various cost elements such as transportation, inventory, taxes, stock-out, late delivery costs can be easily modeled to minimize overall costs while meeting demand.

Truck Load Builder: In case a truck is partially filled, the module makes use of ‘Truck Load Builder’ feature to look forward in time horizon and fill up with SKUs likely to be in demand in the future. This improves truck utilization without dumping unnecessary stocks at depots.

pexels-photo-97046 - Features at a glance
Features at a glance
  1. Maximizes truck utilization while meeting demand
  2. Innovative global optimization engine catering to multi echelon and multi node network
  3. Channel specific and shelf life based dispatch planning
  4. Demand sensing to iron out short term demand fluctuations
  5. Considers both fixed and variable transportation costs
  6. Various costs like transportation, tax, storage, stock out, late delivery factored in

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