Industrial IoT

Saddle Point’s IIoT is an enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform that serves as a cloud application manager for such connected production facilities and smart products.

Being hardware- and transport-agnostic, our platform is easily integrated with a broad variety of sensors including ours, MES, machines, and device gateways, giving you complete control over your assets over the cloud. Saddle Point IIoT helps you track telematics and sensor data, provision new devices, manage their lifecycle, and other analytics.


Our IIoT applications offer a wide range of functionality and sensing capabilities ranging from predictive maintenance and service, asset tracking, connected vehicle monitoring, sensor and business data integration, and more.

Adaptive Planning

Handle sudden disruptions in production

Adapt your production scheduling and vehicle routing on real time basis to handle disruptions

Real Time Remote Monitoring

Measure performance and consumption

Track your various assets like machinery and vehicles remotely and in real time

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce your downtime and maintenance

Leverage our Supply Chain Management suite’s predictive maintenance capabilities

Performance Analytics

Get insights into performance metrics and KPIs

Slide ‘n dice all your Industrial IoT data with our powerful analytics engine

Cost Control

Reduce variability between plan and actual

Pinpoint leakages and lower uncertainty with various monitoring and analytics modules


Saddle Point’s Supply Chain Suite suite and its IIOT module driven by best-in-class monitoring and analytics algorithms have resonated with our clients in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, and given them super-normal business gains.

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Collect, map, store, and analyze vehicle and sensor data in real time. By integrating with automotive telematics data, as well as enterprise and customer data, Saddle Point IIoT helps you improve services and create new business models and opportunities.

We offer a flexible, hardware-agnostic IoT architecture for connecting all possible assets — sensors, items, containers, equipment, vehicles, and employees — so that the entire logistics infrastructure can be tracked and managed efficiently.

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Features at a glance
  1. Track and optimize traffic, parking, workloads, and delivery schedule
  2. Provide accurate shipping status for customers in real time
  3. Plan delivery with higher accuracy for leaner warehousing
  4. Ensure full visibility into the cost of delivery, comparative analytics
  5. Collect and analyze vehicle telematics to ensure proper performance


The Industrial Internet of Things is a strategic priority for manufacturing companies as it allows them to give more value to their customers as well as improve cost-efficiency of their internal operations.

Smart features become a major selling point for modern industrial equipment, and not least because they simplify field service and reduce TCO for the customer.

Enabled with IoT, separate parts of a production line communicate with each other in near real time and makes the entire manufacturing process much easier to monitor and control.

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Features at a glance
  1. Production line remote monitoring
  2. Predictive Maintenance
  3. Failure Mitigation and Safety control
  4. Smart alerts and notifications
  5. Cloud based data storage and Analytics

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