On Cloud/On Premise Deployment

The solution is hosted on a secured cloud and is offered with a subscription based model. For On Premise deployment, the web solution is installed on the internal servers or datacentres of the customer and users access it through their internal network.

Ease of system configuration and our rapid implementation methodology helps in moving quickly from the requirement to the deployment and training phase thereby reducing the deployment time to weeks and not months and years.

Web Services

The planning engine is deployed on the cloud as a web service. Users use their native application for all data, transaction and reporting related activities. For planning activities, a call is made to the webservice from the native application, which takes the input data and after planning, sends the output back to the native application.

Deployment as web services extend the functionality of transactional applications by seamlessly integrating a suite of planning applications.

Bespoke Development

Planning being a dynamic area, there might be specific business requirements for which bespoke development will be required which can be developed by our internal OR and software teams.

We follow the agile development methodology to keep the development time to the minimum.


Our Planning-as-a-Service is designed to deliver a low-cost, low maintenance solution to clients who are not quite ready to take on the complexity and resources to manage a supply chain planning organization themselves. You send us your data, and we provide everything else including access to sophisticated planning tools. Your data will be managed by an experienced supply chain planning consultant to deliver actionable results for your organizations.

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