Dealer Management System

A stock constrained and credit check based order management system distorts the customer demand, leading to inaccurate Demand Forecasts. We mitigate this risk and improve the order fill rate with our Dealer Management System.

Saddle Point DMS is an integrated Order Execution system that supports the following basic processes

  • Order Entry with Alternate Product prompt
  • Material availability check at the dealers end
  • Workflow for routing the Order approval process
  • Machine learning based feature to automatically read orders sent through mails and route them through the system
  • Inventory management feature for the dealer
  • Auto-replenishment of orders

Statistical Forecast: Historical patterns are used by the Forecasting Engine to track seasonality, trend, baseline and cyclicality. This results in improved forecasting accuracy, lower inventory and improved customer fill rates.

Inventory Optimization: Finished Goods inventory can be right sized by considering Demand variability and Supply variability to arrive at the optimal safety stock numbers.

Re-Order Point Planning with Auto Replenishment: Reorder Point is automatically calculated based on historical consumption and lead time. An Auto-Replenishment Order is generated when the Re-Order Point is breached.

Data Bridge: This feature connects the products that the customer actually buys which the myriad products that gets created in the ERP system.

Multi Channel Reach: Mobile, Web and Tablet based integration ensures that the Sales person is enabled fully.

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Features at a glance
  1. DMS is integrated with the Replenishment Platform
  2. Value Added Services like Statistical Forecasting, Inventory Optimization and Re-Order Point Planning
  3. Auto-Replenishment
  4. Machine Learning for Multi Channel Order Entry
  5. Multi Device Compatibility

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