Network Optimizer

Network Planning is the heart of Supply Chain Planning, and for good reason.Where network design is concerned, the number of variables that impact overall Supply Chain efficiency increases exponentially.

Since everything from a new warehouse location, a new plant, or a distribution channel impacts the overall supply chain, Network Planning module assists businesses to plan network expansion or redesign optimally.

Diverse Parameters: Various parameters such as one-time costs, fixed and variable costs, proceedings, candidate locations, transportation lead times, SLAs, other strategic inputs are considered by the simulator to suggest the most optimal network.

Entire Network: All suppliers, plants, distribution centers, and customer locations are considered for the planning of the network.

Detailed Analysis: Businesses can do various what-if analyses using marginal cost analysis methods to arrive at the network that satisfies all strategic requirements.

pexels-photo-97046 - Features at a glance
Features at a glance
  1. Plans considering all suppliers, plants, distribution centers and customer locations
  2. Uses multiple insights and cost elements including sunk costs, fixed and variable costs and proceedings
  3. Integrated with Google maps for visualization
  4. Marginal cost analysis for what-if analysis and decision making
  5. Optimizes locations of manufacturing plants and distribution channels

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